THIS IS REAL Must Close December 18th, 2017!

You’ve been kidnapped.

You don’t remember how; you don’t know by whom.

But there you are, locked up in an abandoned warehouse watching the gruesome treatment of the person who was taken before you.  They implore you to help them, but you cannot.  By the time they are dispensed with, your time has come. Your friends have been taken away. You are on your own. You have just one shot at getting away if you are to survive and be reunited.

Psycho Clan, the creative team behind the NYC Halloween institution, Nightmare Haunted House (in the lower east side for 13 years) in association with Studio 153 announces THIS IS REAL, a heart pounding horror experience by Nightmare Haunted House creator Timothy Haskell. This intimate and unnerving simulated abduction allows for only 8 people to participate at a time.

THIS IS REAL is theatrical immersion at its most visceral and thrilling. You are entrenched in your very own horror story, but the stakes are real!  From the intense moment the psychopath steps out, you are forced to devise an escape plan and try to survive… the decisions will not be easy. A dexterous blend of interactive theater with a complete story line, a mind-bending survivalist game,  and a twisted version of hide ‘n seek, you’ll have more to think about than yourself. You have the other victims to consider. Do you risk valuable time to figure out how to save them? Or is it every man for themselves? Wrong decisions come at a steep price for captives… do not get caught!

“THIS IS REAL is NOT A HAUNTED HOUSE” says creator Timothy Haskell. “I’ve directed many different horror productions, haunted houses, escape games and populist interactive events, so this is a culmination of everything that has worked rolled up into 70 minutes worth of entertainment!”

THIS IS REAL will pay homage to classic Christmas horror movies with This is Real, A Christmas Nightmare.  Same thrills and chills, just decorated for the holidays the way only a psychopath knows how.  Oh, and the Psychos are now department store Santas who kidnapped you in the mall parking lot.

THIS IS REAL stars the following dangerous people:  Rudy Bamenga, Alejandro Cardozo, Federico Mallet Flores, Millie Gillana, Brandon Marchand, James McClain, Erica Moore, Christopher Morris, Aaron Van Scyoc and Taylor Zito

THIS IS REAL is written and directed by Timothy Haskell and features technical design by James Lo, props by Faye Armon, costume design by Kimberly Matela (designed Psycho Clan’s Santastical), make-up design by Anna Chicco, Fight Choreography by Rod Kinter and production design by Paul Smithyman (designed the Nightmare Haunted House for 12 years, as well as Full Bunny Contact, Santastical and Timothy Haskell’s Fatal Attraction, Jaded Assassin, and Road House, among other critically acclaimed theatrical productions).


TIR is co-produced by STUDIO 153

THIS IS REAL is a unique new horror experience from the creator of Nightmare New York Haunted House, Timothy Haskell and Psycho Clan.

THIS IS REAL sold out its 2016 two-week engagement in a matter of hours.  Although this 2017 iteration is a much longer run, the best times will go fast!

Now selling tickets through the end of the year!