Frequently Asked Questions


Is this, like, a haunted house? For, like, Halloween?

No. No it isn’t.  It’s an immersive horror experience.  It’s scary like a haunted house, but cross that with a terrifying escape room (without the riddles and clues, but just your basic survival skills and quick thinking), extreme hide ‘n seek (when trying not to get killed, you better evade the killer), a horrific version of tag (as in “tag, you’re dead”) and immersive theater (you won’t know who is real and who isn’t.  Who to trust, and who not to).  It gives you the opportunity to know how you would perform if you were kidnapped.  Would you survive and getaway? Or would you meet your impending doom?

Is this ‘Extreme’? Will we be touched?

This is more about how you would respond in the most extreme of situations, but it is not about torturing you.  If you want someone to water board you or throw dirty jockstraps at you, find some place else. Like a an S&M dungeon or something.  There will be some incidental touching most likely, because you are interacting with people and there will be some hand holding and prodding, but nothing aggressive.  You yourself will need to be physical in order to escape.  You’re racing against time, you’re racing against other people and you’re racing against ‘death’. It is more heart-pounding than anything you will experience in a controlled environment.

I’m 22 1/2 months pregnant, have such bad back problems this is the first time I will be getting out of bed in the last 5 months, I have crippling epilepsy, synthetic fog makes me gag, loud noises give me heart attacks, I complain about everything all the time… is this right for me?

This is pretty active and is not really for people more than 4 or 5 months pregnant, or have bad backs or heart conditions or anything else that would keep you off a roller coaster.  There are also strobe lights and fog machines, so if those things do something to you, then you shouldn’t do this.  If you complain a lot, you’ll definitely find something to complain about, so I would stick to Boo at the Zoo if I were you.  Although the animals might give you the stink eye and you won’t like that.

What about Handicap Accessibility?

TIR physically is handicap accessible, but it does require you to do some things that you will not be able to do in a wheelchair. Although, with some notice, we could make some adjustments to make it work.  If you are hard of hearing, we will say you will miss some important dialogue without the ability for friends to help you out at first, but we have solutions for this as well with enough notice.  If you have little to no vision, again, there are limitations, but arrangements can be made.

I have a time slot, but can I show up whenever I damn well feel like it like a boss?

No.  Your time slot is very strict.  We will start on time.  We only do this either twice or three times a night.  Another one is immediately after yours.  Starting on time is crucial.  If you are late you will likely lose your slot…and your money.  There are no refunds or exchanges.  Too few time slots that cost too much money.  Go ahead and try and dispute it with your cc company.  See what happens.

Can I do this with my friends?

There are 8 openings every time slot.  If you want to go with only your friends, you would have to buy all 8 slots, or otherwise you are going to make new friends fast because you will depend on them for your ‘survival’. But be warned, at first you are not with any friends.  You’re not with anyone.  You are with yourself.  You have to get out of your personal situation and find your friends.

What Should I wear?

high heels, fur coats, Gucci purses, fine leather boots, that kind of stuff…if you’re a complete bozo.  This is physical, it is messy and you will have to move your body.  You will also be wearing an outfit that we give you over your clothes, so there’s no need to dress nice anyway.  Be comfortable and you will enjoy life more.

Where the hell is Red Hook?

It’s out there.  It ain’t easy to get to.  It’s the kind of place a kidnapper would take you if this was indeed real. It is on the southwest side of Brooklyn on the water. The water taxi to Red Hook gets you super close, and the B61 bus takes you to the Van Dyke St/ Van Brunt St stop and then it’s literally a three minute walk, but there really is no train. There is always a car service, or your own car if you have one.  There’s usually a lot of  parking.

Is the neighborhood safe?

It’s isolated, but very safe.  It’s actually on a fantastic street on a fantastic block in a fantastic neighborhood.  Loads of restaurants and bars in the area as well. It’s right off the water front.  Make an evening of it exploring a new neighborhood, you’ll be glad you did.