THIS IS REAL is a unique new horror experience from the creator of Nightmare New York Haunted House, Timothy Haskell and Psycho Clan.

THIS IS REAL sold out its 2016 two-week engagement in a matter of hours.  Although this 2017 iteration is a much longer run, the best times will go fast!

THIS IS REAL Returns in 2017 !

You’ve been kidnapped. 

You don’t remember how; you don’t know by whom. 

But there you are, watching the horrific treatment of the person who was taken before you.  They will implore you to help them, but you cannot.  When they are disposed of, it will be your turn.  Your friends have been taken elsewhere.  You’re on your own. You only have one shot at getting away if you are to survive and be reunited.

This Is Real is NOT A HAUNTED HOUSE. It’s theatrical immersion at its most thrilling.  You are a character in your own abduction, and the stakes are real!  In between the moments the psychopaths aren’t looping you have to figure out how to survive and escape. “It’s interactive horror theater, a mind bending survival game, and extreme hide and seek rolled up into 70 minutes worth of entertainment!” says creator Timothy Haskell. “Wrong decisions will cost you…don’t get caught!

ABOUT PSYCHO CLAN: Psycho Clan had long been the artistic team behind the world renowned “Nightmare Haunted House” and produced Nightmare Horror Show last Halloween as well as the extreme Easter egg hunt Full Bunny Contact this past spring.  The original Psycho Clan members, Timothy Haskell (the creator of Nightmare Haunted House) and Paul Smithyman (production designer), have been joined by Charles Dunham, Faye Armon (Broadway props designer) and Nathaniel Nowak (producer, Full Bunny Contact) to expand productions of the Psycho Clan company to include various immersive theatrical spectacles this season and beyond.  Psycho Clan’s participation, however, in haunted houses may rear its scary head once again in the future.

STUDIO 153 is an artist-led venture, dedicated to exploring the dramatic potential of constructed space through both performance and design. The studio was co-founded in 2016 by theatrical designer Andromache Chalfant and Michael Sharkey, a photographer and filmmaker.